Get Red Carpet Radiant Skin in Time for the Emmys


TV's biggest celebrities are spending this week primping and prepping for Monday’s Emmy Awards. While the dress can wait until the weekend and hair and makeup are done day-of, many are making appointments with their dermatologists early to ensure their skin is perfect before a particle of powder touches it. We touched base with skincare expert Dr. Brian Zelickson to get the scoop on what skincare regimens will help our favorite small screen stars rock the red carpet.

Start Early – Many of our favorite celebs have probably had their derm appointments booked as soon as the nominations went out. But most are likely to stop in two weeks prior to the big event, depending on what they’re looking to achieve. “For Botox [and similar treatments] and fillers I would recommend at least 2 weeks,” Dr. Zelickson explained. “For an unwanted acne cyst or skin rash they could be seen the day before or even the day of. 

Keep Skincare Simple – Regardless of what time of year these VIPs snap up their statues, they follow strict skincare rules with the most potent potions. “I like to keep it simple – use a sunscreen with an anti–oxidant such as MD Complete Youthful Skin Sun Shield SPF 50 in the morning and a retinoid/retinol product in the PM,” Dr. Zelickson advised. “The degree of [moisture for each season] varies – generally more moisturization in the winter and less in the summer. Also, it’s good to use a lighter retinoid or retinol in the winter as compared to the summer.”

Pop In for a Peel — Most stars will procure a peel, such as his MD Complete Anti-Aging Non-Irritating Pro Peel 5-Day Treatment, at least a week in advance to ensure they maintain their youthful glow amongst the many camera flashes. “The five-day peel boasts a combination of skin-brightening AHAs, vitamins and nutrients that stimulate and exfoliate skin to eliminate dead, dulling surface cells,” he said.

Be Prepared – Sometimes a blemish can rear its ugly head at the worse time, and you just can’t leave it to the professionals. If a pimple does pop up – no pun intended – Dr. Zelickson recommends using the MD Complete Breakout Spot Treatment to ensure it disappears ASAP without making things worse. He said, “Unlike traditional Benzoyl Peroxide treatments, it soothes and hydrates skin, while eliminating the bacteria that cause breakouts.”