Get Sexy S-Waves with TRESemmé

Tracy Reese was one of the hottest shows to hit up during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. While we oohed and aahed over how gorgeous the clothes were, we also envied each model's gorgeous locks. We got the inside scoop from lead hairstylist for the show Jeanie Syfu, as she explained to us how to achieve one of the hottest hair trends for fall 2011 at the TRESemmé Salon & Lounge in Lincoln Center.

Tracy Reese had natural, wavy tresses on the runway without the high-watt shine we’ve been used to the past few season. Syfu used TRESemmé’s 24-Hour Body Mousse throughout the hair and dried it. She then made S-shapes with a curling iron down the length of each lock by twisting it back and forth for deep waves. She set it with the 24-Hour Body Aero Finishing Spray and Fresh Start Dry Shampoo to give it a matte finish. Syfu dusted in touches of red, copper and even blue with the help of spray-on temporary dyes, and the models were set to stun.

Jeanie Syfu puts the finishing touches on a model before the Tracy Reese show.