Get Up and Glow: Skin Secrets to Share


Winter weather can cause skin to dry out and look dull. But as we approach the warmth of spring, the need to shed those layers and show off your skin can pose a problem. Luckily, we have a few secrets up our sleeve that we can share to ensure your skin is soft and has a healthy, natural glow

Regular cell turnover is necessary for skin to stay healthy and smooth, so a good scrub two or three times a week can alleviate dryness and bring out natural radiance. A body scrub infused with natural oils can help slough off dead skin while retaining moisture.

Your skin’s hydration levels can easily drop after you step out of the shower and leech nutrients that keep skin healthy. Slathering on a bit of Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion can infuse your skin with healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, in a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula. After two weeks of application, the lotion provides long-lasting softness for up to 7 days, so there won’t be a dry spot in sight.

If you’re worried about your skin’s pallor after a dark winter, you can add an extra dose of glow with the help of a self-tanner. Depending on the formula, you can get a bronzy brilliance gradually or all at once. But the key to retaining your vacation-ready radiance is hydrated skin, so keep the lotion handy.