Gift Guide: Fun Foodie Finds for Secret Santa

Whose name did you pull for Secret Santa this year? No matter who you're shopping for, skip the cliched bottle of wine or the superfluous gift card, and opt for one these playful options. Quirky and whimsical, these fun foodie finds make great gifts for anyone with an appetite for imagination.

1. Pigs-in-a-Blanket Appetizer Maker, $19.99
2. Brownie Pops Kit, $14.99
3. Soft Pretzel Factory, $29.99
4. '50s Style Snow Cone Maker, $29.99
5. Big Top Cupcake Silicon Bakeware, $14.99
6. Cotton Candy Maker, $29.99
7. Bakerella Cake Pop Kit, $19.95
8. Carnival Funnel Cake Kit, $14.99
9. Nostalgia Electrics Donut Hole Maker, $19.99
10. Retro Mini Hot Air Popcorn Maker, $19.99