Gifts Your Guy/Gal Pals Will Love

Finding the perfect gift for your best guy or girl friends can be hard—trying to find something that’s fun, unique, and personal isn’t an easy task. This year, we’ve collected five droolworthy gifts to impress each and every one of your friends—no matter how hard they are to shop for.

Gap Sweater
Now through Tuesday, Gap is featuring $25 men’s & women’s sweaters. From plucky pullovers to super-cute zip-ups to cool cardigans, holiday sweaters are just $25—but this deal lasts only a few more days. Available in a huge selection of colors and textures, these sweaters are ideal for layering—which your super-trendy pals will already know and appreciate. Make sure to stop by Gap for this in-store-only promotion today.

Got some techie friends? Here’s a gift that’ll blow them away: a bag that charges their cell phone, laptop, and iPad. We’re not joking! The new Powerbag is equipped with a complete battery system ready to charge up to four devices at any time, anywhere. And there’s a style for everyone: Powerbags come in backpacks, messengers, and slings.

Paper & Ink iPhone Case
The girls over at Paper & Ink Designs have created some of the most stylish and chic iPhone cases on the market. And the best part? They can be personalized at no additional cost! With more than 36 classy designs, these cases will enchant even your most hard-to-please friends.

Count Me Healthy Bracelet
Here’s an outstanding present for the women in your life who like to multitask: Count Me Healthy bracelets. They’re not only gorgeous pieces of jewelry, they’re also functional. Available in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver, these bangles feature movable beads that let the wearer track goals each day. Some women track glasses of water, Weight Watcher points, or sodas, while other women count cocktails or decadent desserts. We love the Sexy Stack that combines all three metals for a polished, sophisticated look.

Gap T
Soft and super comfy, Gap Ts are a great go-to gift this holiday. And for a limited time, Gap Ts are just $10 and up. From solids and stripes to V-necks and crewnecks, some of Gap’s favorite Ts are available from $10. Hurry to your nearest Gap store for the best selection before time runs out.