Giuseppe Zanotti Wants Kanye West’s Shoes


Well, here’s a first! A designer is actually reaching out to North West’s dad Kanye West for a collaboration versus the rapper trying to soak up all he can to create the kingdom of dopeness.

The designer in question is Giuseppe Zanotti. He told West’s BFF Jay Z’s website, Life + Times, that there may be another project in the works for the two creative souls. “I really would love having a guest designer like Kanye during Milan’s fashion week,” Zanotti said. “He could really shake up the system with his adrenaline.”

That’s for certain. West does have a certain way in which he attacks projects that isn’t lost on the shoe designer. “[West’s] brave native needs to be respected,” Zanotti explained. “People are too hard when something new changes the balance. Unfortunately, the fashion planet is not only a creative system, but also a political machinery […] I think that some little details should be forgiven to brave people. [West] was not afraid of facing such a dangerous world such as the fashion one, he was not afraid of shouting to everyone who he is.”

Kanye? Afraid to shout? Never.

If Zanotti and West do team up, it won’t be the first time for the pairing. West designed shoes in Zanotti’s factory for two years to get ready for his first show in Paris. If you recall, Kim Kardashian was spotted in the same Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West shoes models down his Spring/Summer 2012 runway. Most recently, West and Zanotti created another pair of heels—a Grecian-inspired sandal designed exclusively for the rapper’s new G.O.O.D. Music album, Cruel Summer. Kim wore those, too.

We’re sure if Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West really does happen, again, Kim and perhaps even daughter North, will have them first.