Glam Beauty Board: Summer Beauty Essentials

image via Behind The Lashes

We recently sent our fabulous Glam Beauty Board bloggers a box filled with our favorite summer products. We wanted to share all the goodies we will be using this summer, from hair care to skin care. We couldn't wait to read their opinions on these fabulous products. The Beauty Board Box contained everything from our favorite sunscreen, to cream eye shadow, to deodorant! Here's everything you'll need to rock your look this summer plus reviews by the Glam Beauty Board:

1. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms, $16

image via We Heart This

“Balm lovers rejoice, Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms ($16) combine the ease and comfort of a lip balm (moisture and a twist up tube) with the benefits of a gloss (shine and color).I got to try three sheer shades: Heaping Hazelnut; a medium nude, Curvy Candy; a medium fucshia pink, and my favorite Two Ton Tomato; a coral kissed red. Throw all three in a bag and be ready for any lip emergency!” – We Heart This

2. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow, $24

image via Behind The Lashes

“Let’s get to the point–this eyeshadow seriously did not budge all day! The beautiful Candlelight color makes it neutral to go with any skin tone. I’m always saying use a cream eyeshadow as a primer and this one works wonders.” –Behind The Lashes

3. Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral, $20

image via Cult of Pretty

Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral ($20) is a really pretty pink that’s very buildable – it’s hard to judge on the self-adjusting front, not sure what the change really was … but I like it. Stila always does good fresh corals. I threw out my darker blush yesterday in favor of this – it’s summertime people!” –Cult of Pretty

4. Kerastase Masquintense Hair Mask, $48

image via fête à fête

“If you have damaged or overly processed hair, you need this hair treatment. You don't need a lot – a quarter-sized dollop will be plenty. It didn't weigh my hair down and it felt sooo silky after leaving it on for 5 minutes. A cult favorite amongst stylists, it will last a very long time.” –fête à fête

5. OPI Nail Laquer Holland Collection in “Kiss Me On My Tulips”, $8.50

image via Handmade Reviews

“Next we have the OPI Nail Lacquer in Kiss Me On My Tulips from the Holland Collection. It's a very vibrant pink color, perfect for the summer. I like to wear it on my toes as it really stands out. (No toe pictures here!)” –Handmade Reviews

6. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, $5.99

image via Makeup For Life

“And how can you forget sexy, tousled hair for the summer? Infused with natural dead sea salt and sea kelp, Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray works even on my naturally straight Asian hair. All I have to do is mist generously onto dry hair, scrunch a bit then wrap my hair in a bun and voila! Gorgeous beach waves with a light matte finish and zero greasiness/tackiness. LOVESSS!” –Makeup for Life

7. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser, $20

image via Behind The Lashes

“Hey breakouts happen, and I had the unpleasant welcome of a couple on my chin 2 weeks ago. I busted out this cleanser and had 0 issues using it instead of my normal everyday cream cleanser. My skin didn’t get over dry in areas or get patchy. I’m going to use this at lease once a week now to help eliminate any bacteria that cause acne.” –Behind The Lashes

8. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ Spray Lotion, $10.99

image via Addicted to All Things Pretty

“I’ve been a fan of L’Oreal’s Sublime series for years. So it’s not surprised that they worked their way into my heart with this one. I always find higher SPF factors to be heavy but this is by far the lightest one I’ve experienced. As much as I love a nice tan, I don’t want to look like an old lemon when I’m young and in my 40’s. This sun screen has a really light texture and it takes a few minutes for it to really absorb, but as with other sunscreens you’re still left with smell of sunscreen. But it doesn’t hurt that it contains anti-oxidants and grapeseed oil.” –Addicted to All Things Pretty

9. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum, $55

image via We Heart This

“The days may be clear and bright, but if your skin’s not you may want to give Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum ($55) a try. It reduces dark spots and discolorations and prevents them from reappearing thanks to its Rosa Roxburghii complex (that’s a Chestnut Rose). It’s got an uber-light consistency and a fresh, slightly fruity scent. I can attest that I haven’t met one Dr. Weil product that I haven’t liked!” –We Heart This

10. Dove Clinical Protection Cleartone Deodorant, $7.99

image via Behind The Lashes

“This deodorant actually soothed and nourished my underarms after shaving all while doing it’s typical duty…keeping me fresh!” –Behind The Lashes

11. Sonia Kashuk made this 3 Piece Travel Duffel, $39.99

image via Cult of Pretty

“People talk about downtown NYC like it’s the coolest place in the world, but it’s definitely not, because we don’t have a Target ANYWHERE near us. So it’s no surprise that I didn’t realize Sonia Kashuk made this 3 Piece Travel Duffel ($39.99 – this print is out of stock online but I linked to the other print), which is a good weekender size and contains 2 zippered clear bags for your products that velcro to the side. Smart! Someone invite me somewhere.” –Cult of Pretty

Thank you so much to the Glam Beauty Board for your thoughful reviews!


the Glam Team