Glam Editor’s Pick: Black Orchid Gisele High Rise Skinny Jeans


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In recent years, I’ve worn my fair share of skinny jeans. Ever since they became popular, they also became a staple in my wardrobe—the style is flattering and looks great with virtually everything. Plus, there’s an element of polish to a nice, dark skinny jean. But for as many pairs as I’ve been through, I stayed away from the high-rise variety for fear that they’d make my legs look shorter than short…and then there’s that whole mom-butt thing. As of a couple weeks ago, though, I decided that enough was enough and I took the high-rise plunge.

On a morning, when I stared at my very full closet for what felt like an hour (I was only a little late to the office), I decided that I truly had nothing to wear. But after some more staring and careful consideration, I went for the high-rise skinny jeans that had recently scored a hanger in my closet. That's right, I successfully styled a pair of Black Orchid high-rise skinny jeans to perfection. The slim fit (they’re super stretchy and feel lived-in even though I’d just snapped off the tags) gives an outfit a feminine silhouette, so I offset it with a pair of inspired-by-the-boys chunky brogues. I tucked in my t-shirt, threw on a blazer, swiped on a rich berry lipstick, and then looked in the mirror and wondered why I hadn’t thought of that before. I couldn’t walk out of my apartment without a cuff-roll, of course, or a leopard-print scarf. –Lauren Kaplan

Black Orchid Gisele High Rise Skinny Jeans, $141.