Glam Gift Guide for the Geek Chic Girl On Your List


She has the freshest “it” app before everyone else, she’s the one you thank your lucky stars every time your phone dies, and she serves as tech support for your laptop’s latest trouble. A cute case for her latest gadget will be small peanuts this year for your tech-y gal on the go. Whether she’s in need of a little customized pampering, needs to keep her data in check, or wants to take the party wherever she goes, there’s something extra special you can snap up and wrap in a bow that she’ll put to use ASAP!

  1. MyPassport Essential Hard Drive, available at for $118.95
  2. The Impossible Instant Photo Lab, available at for $315
  3. SkinShift DNA Test Kit, available at for $99
  4. Frends “Taylor” Rebecca Minkoff Headphones, available at for $249.99
  5. Sequin Ombre Pink Camera Strap, available at for $59
  6. Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation Set, available at for $199
  7. Echo Design Digital Prism Speaker, available at for $98
  8. Halo 5500mAh Portable Power Charger in Green Lattice, available at for $59.97
  9. G-Shock Bluetooth Enabled Digital Watch, available at for $180
  10. Audiovox ShutterBall, available at for $24.99