Glam Gift Guide: What to Get the Scandal Lover on Your List


You know not to disturb her Thursday evening while Scandalis on ABC at 10pm. She always needs a moment when the show goes off the air to process the multiple storylines happening on any one episode. You’re not alarmed when she suddenly screams B613 or speaks about the show’s creator Shonda Rhines as if they are frenemies. The only thing you don’t have handled? What to gift this girl. Don’t worry, #ItsHandled.

  1. Politics for Dummies, available at Amazon for $14.30
  2. Leather Three-Quarter Length Gloves, available at Talbots for $99
  3. Cerena watch, available at Movado for $1,495
  4. Scandal: The Complete First Season, available at Amazon for $17.99
  5. Scandal: The Complete Second Season, available at Amazon for $29.49
  6. Saint Laurent Thorn Pump, available at Nordstrom for $685
  7. Quelle Scandal! Pencils, available at Etsy for $8
  8. Neiman Marcus gift card, available at Neiman Marcus for $100
  9. The Doctor hat, available at Goorin Bros for $140