Glam Publisher Spotlight | Yakini Etheridge,


In an effort to help you get to know the #GlamFam better, we're shining the spotlight on our beloved publishers. Meet Yakini Etheridge, owner of

How long have you been in the #GlamFam?

I joined in the spring of 2011.

What's your favorite part about being in the network?

I really like that there are “faces/real people” that we can see and connect with, through the various events and campaigns Glam offers. Other ad networks feel so cold and impersonal … you sign up, receive an automated email about how to install code, and you eventually begin receiving monthly payments to a designated account. Glam Media is so much more intimate and hands on, and I really like that. Also, through the various appreciation dinners and seasonal events I feel like an important and valued member of the team. There is a sense of community with Glam, that I feel is lacking with other networks. 

What is about? is the only online destination focused on urban reality TV fashion and style. Through exclusive celebrity interviews, coverage of industry events, and relationships with the reality stars and their stylists/publicists maintained via social networking, I give my readers the scoop on the fashions worn by their favorite reality TV stars. Essentially, I break down what they're wearing, and also let my readers know where to find each item, for the best price. Recently we've started to include a few Scripted TV shows, and this is an area I'd like to continue exploring/expanding in 2014.

Why did you start blogging?

As a new mom, I was active in the parenting blogosphere for several years before realizing how much I missed the more fashionable, stylish side of me. So I branched off and started a fashion blog, which organically evolved into the site that it is today once I started incorporating my love of reality TV.

What are some of your favorite fashion or beauty trends right now?

I'm loving graphic patterns, black and white prints/patterns, and embellished detail. As far as beauty and hair trends, I'm a fan of bright lips and tousled/wavy bobs.

Where do you find the best online deals?

Well, let me first say that I never make any purchases online without first checking for a promo code. As far as the best place to find designer looks for less (past and present seasons), I can usually bet on The Outnet or eBay.

What's a hairstyle you've always wanted to try but have been afraid to?

I've been wanting to partially lighten my hair for an ombre look, but I'm so afraid of doing damage to my hair since it's chemically processed. I'm also interested in trying out a fishtail braid. I'm sure I can find a good YouTube tutorial to walk me through that one, just a matter of finding time to sit down and do it…

What's your go-to lip shade?

MAC Varneesh Lip Lacquer & MAC Sheena Lip Lacquer

What are your some of your favorite blogs to read?

Fashion Bomb DailyNecole BitchieThe YBFGlamamom(aw, thanks Yakini!)ProBloggerHeart IFB.

What are some of your blogging goals? Do you see yourself blogging five or ten years from now?

In five years I'd like to be making television appearances around some of the reality shows I blog about (i.e., image consulting on set). Ultimately, however, I'd like to sell my blog to a major television network, while maintaining the roles of Editor and Creative Content Director. 

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Jill Seiman is a freelance writer and digital media consultant living in New York City with her husband, two young sons, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She writes about her fashion, beauty, fitness, and travel adventures as an urban mom on her personal blog, Glamamom, and a daily beauty feature at Babble.