Go Crazy With Color: How to Pull Off a Bold Eye-Shadow Look


Of all the beauty advice we write about here on Glam, the one question we get most from readers isn’t about a bright lip—it’s bold eye shadow. Brilliant shadow shades are nothing to shy away from; a pop of color on your lids can totally transform you face. While there’s definitely a time and place for vivid shadow—for example, cocktails with friends rather than a Monday at the office—we guarantee you can pull off this trend. Here are three ways to achieve a bold eye-shadow look.

1. Start With a Swipe
If you’re nervous about taking your first dive into the world of colored eye shadow, try just a swipe of brightness. A great initial look is a pop of color underneath your lower lash line or the inner corner of your eye.

2. Pick Your Colors
Warm shades containing pinks and oranges tend to make your eyes look irritated, not sexy. Shades like teal, forest green, and electric blue look glamorous with every eye color. We love L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eye Shadow in Neon Skirt.

3. Go for Sheen
Instead of opting for an intensely pigmented shadow on your lids, choose a shade with a bit of sheen. It takes the intensity off a bright color such as violet and allows you to layer the effect of the shadow.