Guaranteed Joy-Givers: Gifts They Won’t Return

Imagine feeling so confident in your holiday gift-giving skills that gift receipts become obsolete. This year that fantasy will come true. Here are five gift ideas sure to impress everyone from your hard-to-shop-for best friend, Kelly, to your crazy-but-cool Uncle Mike.

Gap Sweaters
Not only are Gap sweaters stylish, comfy, and available in a huge selection of colors and textures, but they are also only $25 for a limited time. For your stylish friend, grab a couple of cardigans for layering. For your brother or best guy pal, choose a sweet wool pullover in a great shade of gray. Be sure to stop by Gap today before the hottest looks run out!

Skullcandy Headphones
These trendy, durable headphones are an ideal present for your pals obsessed with their MP3 players. Quality materials and cool color schemes combine for a unique, fun gift that’s available in a wide variety of themes. There’s something for everyone—including new NCAA collegiate motifs.

Recycled Ski Wine Rack
This gift is not for the faint of heart—but if you have a buddy with an eclectic sense of style who loves extreme sports, this is an excellent treat. And this one-of-a-kind gift won’t break the bank either: One rack is only $59.

Gap Ts
Today through Tuesday, all Gap Ts start at $10. We’re not joking—all your favorite Ts are starting at just $10 all weekend long! Grab your friends a handful of the comfy shirts you’ve always loved. Head to your nearest Gap store today to see the huge selection of soft, cute Ts.

Arrested Development: The Complete Series
Trust us, there is simply no better gift for your entertainment-obsessed friend than Arrested Development: The Complete Series. We guarantee you’ll instantly become one of their favorite people. Best part? It’s only 50 bucks. Not bad for the funniest television show ever.