Guilty? A New ‘Gone Girl’ Trailer Drops with Fingers Pointed at Ben Affleck


By now, we all know how Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl ends. Still, with the film adaptation drawing near, it’s increasingly easy to brand Ben Affleck as the bad guy; and this new trailer from 20th Century Fox doesn’t help him plead his case.

Par for its psychologically thrilling course, the ominous trailer gives us a peek at when Amy (Rosamund Pike) and Nick (Affleck) first meet, before escalating into a whirlwind campaign following Amy’s disappearance and presumed murder. Thanks to a non-coincidental insurance policy hike, grueling interrogations, and suggestive notes left by the (seemingly) deceased, this case is all but solved—or is it?

Gone Girl, from director David Fincher, will land in theaters on October 3.