Hair Color Conundrums with Garance Doré


We regularly turn to Garance Doré when we’re in need of ensemble inspiration and insight into everything that’s fabulously French. In terms of beauty, she’s all about doing it yourself, making her the perfect face for L’Oréal Paris’ revolutionizing new hair color, Preference Mousse Absolue. The newest addition boasts the first automatic reusable dye thanks to its two cannister system that combines the pigment and developer with the push of a button. GLAM got to chat with the fashion favorite last week about the new hair hue technology, her beauty musts, and what strand shades are making a comeback:

What has been your biggest pet peeve when it comes to hair color?

It’s all of the chemistry, the smell…all of that stuff I didn’t like.

With your eye for trends, which hues do you think are coming back?

I think everyone for a while were all about highlights, and I think we’re coming back to a more natural kind of look with a full color, which I’ve always really liked. Cultivating a real depth in the color, I think we’re coming back to that, and getting closer to the natural color. It’s always extremes: people are either going blue or sticking to their own hair color.

What is your beauty philosophy?

In France, we all do our hair color, most of us, on our own just because we’re busy or we just like to [handle] our own beauty. We’re not so used to giving our bodies to somebody else. We like to keep control in what we do.

What are you top three beauty musts you always keep on hand?

Always a lip gloss. I try to always have a powder because I get shiny; I’m sure I’m shiny now. It’s terrible; I lose control, and then I don’t really care. A hand cream, or hand lotion.

Who are your beauty icons?

Beauty is about something that can endure, right? So, for me, someone like Lauren Hutton because it’s easy to be beautiful at 20. Later, I think it’s beautiful to be able to stay natural and be yourself and still be amazing like her.