Hannah Bronfman: Beauty Entrepreneur, DJ, and Lipstick Whisperer


We’re just as obsessed with nail polish as the next girl, but Hannah Bronfman has taken her love of nail décor to the next level where she made it her job to have amazing manicures.


As co-founder of the app Beautified by day and a DJ by night, Bronfman is the definition of work hard, play hard. She DJs at some of the most fashionable events and manages to wake up and get to work, both at the office and in the gym. And she does it all with the most artistic manicures you’ve ever seen (not to mention while looking otherwise flawless). When she’s not busy spinning at an exclusive party or launch, she devotes her time to working out, eating well, and generally “beautifying.”

In the video clips that make up her profile in Glamour’s new series called “The Beauty Diaries,” the entrepreneur tells her admirers and fans (us, duh) all about her lifestyle practices and how they tie in to her work life. From the comfort of her own sleek and bright apartment, Bronfman fills us in on her favorite beauty products and no-fail practices, which include collecting nail polish, being spontaneous with her thousands of beauty products, and making smoothies.

She makes it clear that she eats, lives, and breathes beauty: “I do sometimes think my beauty products are calling my name.” Strange as it may seem to feel like a tube of red lipstick can whisper “Hannah” when it wants to be worn, we can totally understand where she’s coming from.