Hannah Bronfman Forecasts Spring’s Trends


We know her for her impeccable nail art, taste for makeup, on-trend style and, of course, penchant for playing the best beats. So naturally, we consulted DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman for her spring trend forecast. Fresh off the plane from Paris for a big Dior fete, following the announcement of Peter Philips’ new role as creative and image director for the brand’s makeup line, Bronfman was ready and raring to go for spring.

Of the makeup and mani color du jour, Bronfman reveals, definitively, that “blue is the new color for spring, whether it’s cobalt or pastel…” or really anything in between. As far as clothing trends go, she’s a strong believer that every girl should own a two-piece set this season. “I love a good crop top,” she admits. “I love a two-piece set. I think it looks so flattering on anyone’s body shape—it’s great.” With recent style setters of all shapes and sizes sporting the look, we have to believe it to be true. The matching top and skirt is a sophisticated look that we can totally get behind.

And to accessorize it all, Bronfman has her eye on the front-and-back-lobe earring trend. “I think they’re just kind of a really cool new accessory for spring. The whole front and back of the lobe idea is going to be a really hot trend.” In fact, she’ll be sporting her own pair of Dior front-back-lobe pink pearl earrings – which brings us to another accessories trend. You guessed it: pearls are among the hottest gems you can find this spring. Take it from Bronfman for confirmation: “Pearls are not your grandmother’s pearls, anymore!”