Has The Pixie Bubble Burst for Miley Cyrus?


It looks like the pixie may be on its way out as Miley Cyrus, who kicked off the trend earlier this year, is having second thoughts about her now signature style.

Cyrus admitted to Kelly Osbourne of the E! Fashion Police, she wants her hair to grow out faster. “I'm secretly tugging on it every night,” she said of her shorn strands. “I love a good weave.”

The “Can’t Stop” songstress was recently spotted rocking a rat tail (an homage to her dad, perhaps?) and has previously worn spikes to the Met Gala, a faux hawk, blue tresses, and even kicked off her career wearing a wig as Hannah Montana, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see her in extensions the next time around.

Plus, she's not alone in her “hair today, gone tomorrow” mentality as Beyoncélengthened her locks just a week after nabbing a pixie herself. With the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, we’ll have the chance to see what looks the ladies will rock next!

Update:  Another to join on the “past pixie” trend is Rihanna. The River Island designer shared a snap of her self picking up McDonalds rocking a mullet (yes a mullet) with a Mohawk tail on Instagram this weekend. Sorry pixie, you will be missed.

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