Haute Headphones for A Chic Geek


Dr Dre's Beats, Bose's Quiet Comfort- the usual go to headphones are worth the money in terms of quality and consistency, but we're looking for some fashion flair too in our must have tech-ssesories. Dolce and Gabbana teamed up with Grado Labsto produce some beautiful mahogany wood, designer headphones. With gorgeous detail and that D & G branding, they're a sure head turner. If you're not so much a couture junkie, but are still eager for headphones that add unique style to your look, take a gander at these DIY headphones by Tank. They feature a blank canvas that can be decorated and personalized using spray paint, oils, gems, acrylics, pens, or markers. Make them match your personal style for a chic geek result or give them to that tech junkie on your holiday gift list.

image via The Awesomer