Have Cellulite? Vichy Wants You to Confess…


Regardless of size or shape, we can all fall victim to cellulite. And once it appears, we do everything within out power to get rid of it. First you start with the bodyshaper, and when you can’t breathe in it anymore, you try something else.

Don’t worry! Vichy feels your pain, and sought to capture the annoyance that follows every effort in a new mockumentary. In the clip, everyday women tell of their failed attempts at ridding themselves of cellulite forever with hilarious results.

Rather than leaving you in despair, Vichy also offers a solution with its CelluDestock and Destock Stomach creams that are clinically proven to help decrease cellulite and get you bikini-ready. They even have quick workout tips from fitness expert Violet Zaki!

Even if you can’t slim down in a snap, the video below is worth a watch and a giggle.