Hayden Panettiere and Neutrogena Shine a Spotlight on Suncare

Skin cancer is the most common form of the disease that is easily preventable. Neutrogena spokeswoman Hayden Panetierre and “People” magazine recently took to Union Square in a bus, offering skin cancer screenings from dermatologist like Dr. Anne Chapas of Union Square Laser Dermatology to spread the word about the illness as part of the nationwide “Spotlight on Suncare” live tour. Dr. Chapas noted that the most common misconception about skin cancer is that it is an old person’s disease when in fact the cancer rate has grown immensely amongst women under 30. After learning even more about the ailment, Glam got to sit down with Hayden to talk sun, skin, and style.

What is the “Spotlight on Suncare” all about?
Neutrogena and People magazine are teaming up; they’re taking a bus like this across the country. They’re setting it up in certain cities across the country, and they’re going to have dermatologists on site so people can come in and get a free skin cancer screening. They’re going to get at-home screening kits and they’re going to get Neutrogena sunscreen samples, which [will] be really fun for them. And they’ll get the health and education from dermatologists who are there as well. And if they don’t have one around them they can go to ChooseSkinHealth.com and they can set up an appointment.

Since we’re at the start of summer, what’s your favorite sun care product?
I have my moisture shine lip-gloss – the good thing is a lot of Neutrogena have SPF in it, which is so great! There’s the ultra-sheer sunscreen, so that’s the one I wear every day under my foundation. If you’re not wearing any foundation, it’s really important to continuously apply it too because people look on the shelf and they say, “Oh, 70 SPF.” But what you don’t realize is if you don’t apply it properly and in the right amount, it’s like an SPF 19 – so you’re getting burnt!

People tend to show more skin during this season, but what’s your summer style like?

I’ve always had this thing that I’m much more comfortable dressed kind of a tomboy. I’ve always been kind of a tomboy. And I’ve been very all over the place in my taste, whether it comes to music, whether it’s fashion, which is why I love a bunch of different fashion designers.

What designers do you currently love?
Norisol Ferrari — she’s this designer that I work with, she actually designed all of this. She’s an unbelievable girl. And Fendi – I mean, you name it there’s all those fun brands. But I love being boho! I’ve gone a more boho route, especially since in Nashville. That’s something that you can really do and really have fun with.

And what are the top three beauty items you keep in your boho bag?
The Neutrogena Moistureshine Lip Gloss, the Healthy Skin Foundation, and Healthy Skin Pressed Powder! Because the powder’s the killer, too – you apply it a [for the] day, and then you go outside and you sweat and then you have to apply it again. And this is one that actually won’t make your skin break out!

For more information on suncare or to see where the bus will make its next stop, visit ChooseSkinHealth.com.