Helpful Hydration: Beauty Brands Back World Oceans Day


All great beauty looks start with water. Don't believe us? Hydration is the key to great skin, which translates into a magnificent makeup look. It's through this logic that brands like H2O+, La Mer, and Chantecaille are giving back to the elixir of life for World Oceans Day on June 8.

The three brands are among many who craft limited edition products benefitting various non-profits that help save marine life. This year, Chantecaille went for an aquatic aesthetic with its Protect Our Oceans set. With palettes in Coral Reefs and Saving the Sharks at a discounted price, 5 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Bloom Association and the Marine Conservation Institute.

H2O+ is taking the issue straight to the shower with its Restore Our Water Planet Shower Gel where 10 percent of sales will go to Earth Eco International.

La Mer has once again revamped the label of its acclaimed cream for the occasion, opting for a holographic ode to the ocean that the brand continuously contributes to saving. Also new for this year? The limited-edition item is adding 1.4 extra ounces of the luxury skincare essential to ensure you get more bang for buck. And after previewing the documentary it partnered with National Geographic at the screening ofLa Revolution Bleu, audiences will get a closer look at where the proceeds end up.