Hit & Run Heads to Theaters Today!

Honesty and communication are the biggest pillars in a relationship, so what do you do if you’re in the Witness Protection Program? Hit & Run answers that question as Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard), a former getaway driver, takes a chance to help his girlfriend Annie, played by Shepard’s real life girlfriend Kristen Bell. When Annie gets the opportunity to start her own degree program in nonviolent conflict resolution at a college in Los Angeles, Charlie risks it all to get her to the interview on time. Things go hilariously awry on their road trip as the feds and Charlie’s old gang catch up to the couple.

Channeling their real life love affair into the movie, Bell and Shepard added a tender touch to the comedic thrill ride as they use any means necessary to make that interview. Bradley Cooper is almost unrecognizable as the gang’s bumbling but vicious leader, Alex, who confronts his former cohort for payback. Written and directed by Shepard, the action-comedy is ripe with laughs and loads of chase scenes with cars powerful enough to make a gearhead green with envy.

The movie is filled with great one-liners that you’ll be quoting for the rest of the year, unless you giggle before the words come out. In a summer filled with explosions, Hit & Run will certainly close the season with a bang and a screech of tires!