Hot Hues: 4 Hair Colors We Love This Fall


Golden Blond
Dirty blondes everywhere: ’Tis the season to embrace your natural color. While bright highlights and bleached strands go hand in hand with summertime hair, blondes should darken up this autumn with golden and light brown tones.

Strawberry Blond
Less bold than a general red hue, strawberry blond hair is a unique way to change it up this autumn. The copper color has dimension and vibrancy that aligns with the natural elements of the season. Depending on your skin coloring and natural hair hue, there’s a range of shades to choose from.

Caramel and Honey Highlights
Brunettes should consider brightening their features this fall with carefully placed caramel- and honey-color strands. These hot highlights add instant chicness to any hairstyle, especially when painted on thinly around the face and growing gradually chunkier down the shaft.

Dark Chocolate
A classic hue when it comes to fall hair, this sultry shade makes for an alluring look. A deep shade of brown has a rich, healthy appearance, and if you’re already a brunette shade, the maintenance will be easy.