How Miley’s Mani Upped the Punk


We know that no look is complete without the nails that nail your styling details. Celebrity manicurist Lisa Jachno of labnails would back us up on that one. Jachno's a manicure maven who has polished the tinseltown tips of everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Julia Roberts, and her most recent work is on newsstands as we speak. By now, you've probably seen the latest cover of W Magazine, starring a nude Miley Cyrus, but did you take a close look at those nails? There's a styling story behind them.

Jachno, who calls Cyrus, “one of the coolest young entertainers that I have worked with,” and ” a ball of energy and inspiration with no inhibitions,” dishes on the deets of the devastatingly chic manicure that made the March cover. The “Wrecking Ball” singer came to the set with long red gel polished acrylics. The photographers though, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, had decided on black nails to toughen up her bleached brows and pale look. An easy color swap, in most cases. But because Cyrus was wearing acrylics painted with gel, Jachno had a problem. To remove the red, she'd have to soak the nails in gel remover, but that, in turn, would cause the acrylics to come off. No bother–Jachno's a professional, and so she went to work. Here's how she created the look, with tips and trick to do it yourself!

Step 1: File
 “I took an acrylic nail file 100 grit (course nail file) to smooth down around the cuticle. This is especially important if your acrylics are growing out.”
Step 2: Buff
 “I buffed with an OPI brilliance buffing block to smooth the acrylic to the nail.”
Step 3: Shape 
“I used the labnails tapered nail file to angle the nails from the sides into a triangle like shape. I call this the 'edgy' shape nail, tapered into a rounded point. It's very rock n' roll and makes a statement.”
Step 4: Cuticles 
“I then cleaned around the cuticle with Blue Cross cuticle remover and Mehaz cuticle pusher. For me, perfection around the cuticle is what makes a manicure look pristine. I clipped any loose skin carefully using the Mehaz cuticle nippers. My favorite are the 1/4 jaw stainless steel because the jaw is just the right size to get into the smallest of corners so you don't cut skin you're not meaning to trim.”
Step 5: Hydrate
“I hydrated and massaged Miley's hands and cuticles with Chanel Body Excellence Hand Cream.”
Step 6: Prep the polish
“I then used alcohol to remove all the oils from her nails and brush her nails clean with soap and water so I get a smooth and flawless polish application.”
Step 7: Polish
“I polished with Chanel protective base coat and 2 coats of Chanel Black Satin. Before I apply the final top coat I use a kolinsky pointed round brush dipped in acetone and traced along the cuticle to get a perfect painted line. I love a glossy high shine black nail so I used Chanel Extreme Shine nail lacquer top coat.”