How to Choose the Right Shapewear

With so many options to choose from, picking the right shapewear can be a daunting task. First, decide what you need. Are you looking for an overall slimmer shape? Or maybe you want to focus on one area, such as a smoother back or slimmer thighs? If you're looking for shapewear for a special occasion, take inventory of your closet. Pull out any dresses you haven't been wearing because the fit isn't quite right. Try them on, take note of where you'd like to smooth down, and then refer to this guide. Chances are shapewear can help you feel confident and rock those outfits you've been avoiding.

1. Back Bulge
Sculptz Longline Curve Comfort Bra, $27.50
Decrease bra lines and the bulge on your back with a great-fitting bra-cami combination. The ultra-comfy stretch fabric will give you a smooth, slim look under even the tightest of tops.

2. Slim Behind and Thighs
Sculptz Shaping Shorts, $12.50
For leaner legs and a smoother backside, look for shapewear that hits around midthigh. Whether you're wearing pants or a skirt, midthigh shapers keep everything in place and create a leaner look.

3. Cinch Your Waist
Sculptz High-Waist Shaper Briefs, $25
This shapewear is great for enhancing hourglass figures. If thighs aren't your issue but you're looking for a more pronounced waistline, look for shapewear briefs that come up to your natural waist.

4. Overall Smooth Shape
Shape & Smooth Shaping Slip, $45
Slip shapers are ideal for anyone who wears dresses often or needs shapewear specifically for a special occasion. These figure-hugging slips create an allover smoother silhouette, perfect for dresses or skirts. Bustier gals may prefer to wear their own bra with their slips (try Silkies Shape & Smooth Braless Shaping Slip, $50).

Finally, remember that comfort is key. Taking your measurements ensures that your shapewear will fit property. Remember that if your shapewear rolls or bunches, it's too tight.