How to Clean Jeans Without Water


It seems like, for most garments, figuring out when/how to wash them is pretty straightforward. Except when it comes to jeans. No one is exactly sure how often they should wash them, if they should use hot or cold water, or if they should air dry or pop them in the dryer. Considering the majority of us wear denim everyday, it’s pretty lame that we haven’t mastered this washing business.

Well I have news for you; you technically don’t have to wash your jeans at all. In fact, washing your jeans is doing more harm than good. Frequent washing messes with the fit, breaks down the fibers, and fades the color.

So what’s a girl to do? A girl is to freeze her jeans. Yes, freeze. Placing your jeans in the freezer overnight will kill any bacteria and blast away odors. Pretty genius if you ask me. Would you ever consider freezing your jeans or do you plan on sticking to washing them the old fashioned way? Image via Street Style Seconds

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