How to Not Look Like A Cat Burglar in Head to Toe Black

Black is foolproof. Black is classic. Black is better. Agree x3. But how about all black everything? Rocking a head to toe black outfit proves a tad challenging, as it's easy to fall into the depths of goth gone wrong, burglar of the night, or old woman in mourning. So what are some black monochrome looks that have gotten it right?

Miley Cyrus came over to the dark side recently donning all black everything, with a sleek maxi dress, edgy motorcycle jacket, and awesome buckled booties. For an easy solution on how to rock black on black, get her look here. We also love the all black leather outfits Blue is in Fashion this Year featured this week. Both women accessorized their looks in gold, making for a devastatingly perfect meeting of edgy and glam.

What makes these particular outfits so spot on? Factio-Magazine explains in their article, “How To Wear All Black and Look Chic.” The key to wearing all black from top to bottom is layering in different textures and incorporating touches of alternating materials. For example, Miley's chic sheath is cotton, but she throws on a leather jacket and pairs the dress with hardware accented footwear. All the same color, but multiple materials to keep the look fashion forward.

image via Factio-Magazine