How to Prep Skin for Short-Skirt Season


Short skirts and showing some skin are synonymous with summer. Thanks to the sun, surf, and sand, your skin might not be as silky as you’d like it to be. Aesthetician to the stars and owner of LaBelle Day SpasBella Schneider is here to save the day and your skin with a few easy tips to make sure every inch of you is soft and supple.

Slough Your Skin Regularly
Scaly skin isn’t cute any time of year. So why have it on display when you want to slip into something shorter or sheer? Exfoliating helps assure healthy skin turnover as we age and allows your inner radiance to shine through, no matter what you’re wearing. “As a rule of thumb, it's good to exfoliate your entire body every five days,” Schneider said. Consider Sunday your unofficial spa day in your shower.

Shave to Smooth
Shaving does double duty when it comes to ensuring silky skin, as long as you have a good razor that’s sensitive to your needs. The Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor has five closely spaced blades to ensure a close shave and exfoliate as it glides along the skin, with help from its Protective Ribbon of Moisture. “The best way to show off your skin in the summer is to have well-shaved, well-hydrated skin,” she said. “One should shave one to three days based on regrowth.”

Maximize Moisture
Our skin-care routine requires us to lighten up in the summer, but the rest of our body needs to keep up with more wear and tear. As such, it makes it easier to layer our favorite formulas to give our skin the rich, healthy sheen it needs to last throughout the day. “To sustain long-lasting moisturized skin, stay out of the sun, use sunscreen, and apply lots of oil, followed by a body lotion containing shea butter,” Schneider said.

Stock Up on Sunscreen
It’s not just your face that needs a daily dose of sunscreen, but the rest of you as well! Schneider knows it’s a year-round skin-care staple, especially in the warmer months, when we’re out and about in the sun. It should be layered on top of your moisturizing mixture of choice. “Sunscreen, no doubt!” she said when asked about her number one beauty must.

Skip the Skin Hang-Ups
Previous shaving snafus, falls, and scrapes can leave their mark on your skin, but they shouldn’t hold back your wardrobe. We should embrace everything that makes us unique, flaws and all. But if you’re still worried about how your skin looks in a short skirt, Schneider has a few ideas. “You can also implant fat, or receive microdermabrasion treatments based on the severity of the scar,” she said. “I recommend you ignore them and enjoy your body.”