How to Switch Up Your Scent for the Start of Spring


Though it still doesn’t feel like it in the Big Apple, it’s spring, meaning it’s time to switch up your hair and makeup routine. Still, fragrance tends to stick as a mainstay from season to season, since most people stand by their signature scent. But there’s no need to be afraid to brighten up your bouquet in the warmer weather. We turned to Arquiste’s fragrance aficionado Carlos Huber for his tips on transitioning your scent.

Know Your Notes – In order to shift your scent, look to your garden for the notes you need to update your aroma. “The coming of spring brings gentle breezes, warm sunshine and the blossoming of crisp, fragrant flowers,” Huber explains. “If you want to echo that feeling, it is best to use light, green, herbal and floral notes that give the fragrance an airy, cooling feel.”

All About That Base – Our signature scents have base notes that truly stand out on our skin thanks to our individual body chemistry, and they can indicate what other fragrance formulas you can try. “The notes that allow the easiest transition from winter to spring, are powdery, musky notes – light ambers, leathers and woody fragrances that are not too strong,” he said. Huber suggests trying Arquiste’s Infanta en Flor with its light orange blossom and a powdery amber or the unisex Architects Club, which has a refreshing gin and vanilla, tobacco, and woody base to anchor it.

Let Your Wardrobe Be Your Litmus Test – If you’re ready to put your winter coat in the back of the closet, you can start to shift your scent to airier fare but keep the warmer notes for painting the town red. “Fragrance can warm you up or cool you down, so some people like for their scent to match their wardrobe,” he explained. “Once the weather begins to change and you transition to lighter clothing, keep the warming ambers and woods for the evening and choose a bright, refreshing spring fragrance for the daytime.”