How to Turn Off a Girl in 7 Seconds


Research suggests that it takes roughly half a second to make a first impression; and despite a person’s behavior after, that initial impact tends to stick. This is even truer when it comes to matters of seduction… and scent.

The power of fragrance can’t be denied, and when trying to woo members of the opposite sex, it can make or break a deal. Don’t believe us? Take these stats into consideration: 40% of men say they don’t feel insecure when sweaty in social settings, while 83% of women deem B.O. an instant turnoff. According to the same study, conducted by Gillette Clear Gel, 69% percent of women will shut down an impolite pursuer. That basically means that you have a better chance playing Romeo to her Juliet if you lack manners than if you stink. Ouch.

So, next time you step out, leave the sweaty palms—and pits—at home. This guide will help your first impression be the one you want to last.