Iman’s Not a Model Anymore


One would expect Iman’s modeling career to resurge as Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, and even Naomi Campbell, but the icon has moved on beyond redefining the runway. As the head of her own fashion and beauty line as well as her site, Destination Iman, she’s shifted to focus on the industry away from the camera’s lens. “I'm not a model anymore. I'm just me. I'm not working in front of a camera,” she told The Edit.

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In contrast to her status in the industry and her three enterprises, she leads a quiet life with her husband, David Bowie, and her daughter, Alexandria Zahra. While many believe it would be difficult to stay out of the spotlight with the legendary rock star, it’s actually what they liked about one another. “Both David and I stay out of the celebrity thing,” Iman explained to the site. ”That's why we gravitated towards each other, because we really feel that the personal should be separate from the professional.”

So what’s it like being married to the music icon? Turns out, he’s quite the bookworm. “He’s very good for everyone, including me and the little one, because there is nothing he's not curious about. He reads every day for hours. We get daily deliveries from Amazon, and he also reads on his Kindle,” she said. “He'll say, 'You've got to read this', and I'll say, 'But you've just given me five books that I haven't read yet!'”

Followers of her Twitter account regularly receive updates about her “little one.” Prior to her interview with Sasha Frere-Jones, the entrepreneur ensured she could get back home in time to prep for her daughter’s sleepover. Living in New York provides a great opportunity to raise her 12-year-old away from the glare of celebrity and she'd rather keep it that way. “I still take my little girl to school,” Iman said. “David picks her up. It's easier than any place we've ever lived. People are too cool to bother you.”