In Season: 6 Sweet Summer Cool-Downs With Smirnoff Ice


The guest list is confirmed, the menu is set, the decor’s been determined, and, naturally, your party outfit is already hanging behind the door. The last step toward readying your swanky-chic summer bash and arguably the most important touch: Stock the bar, with cool cocktail creations in mind.

Provide party guests with something smooth and refreshing to sip all evening. Summer and Smirnoff Ice go hand in hand, especially for a get-together where there may be myriad beverage preferences. Versatile, crisp, and perfect for the season, Smirnoff Ice can be served alone, as a citrus taste treat, or, for something different, combined into a creative concoction. Try out these recipes for your bash!

Stripey Shandy (2 servings)
1 (11.2 oz.) bottle Smirnoff Ice Original
1 (11.2 oz.) bottle Red Stripe beer
Lemon wheel
Into a pint glass, pour chilled beer, then Smirnoff Ice, and top with a lemon wheel.

Smirnoff Ice Original Sangria (10 servings)
2 cups Smirnoff Ice Original
2 cups Butterfly Kiss Chardonnay
Fruit for garnish: oranges, blueberries, limes, lemons, raspberries, apples, peaches
Soak fruit in wine.
Pour into a punch bowl and stir in Smirnoff Ice Original.
Serve with fruit.

Smirnoff Ice Preparada
Into a pint glass, add ice and fresh fruit such as oranges, pineapple, apples, limes, strawberries, cherries, lemons, and limes.
Pour Chamoy and Chili Lime seasoning to your liking over fruit.
Stir in Smirnoff Ice Original.

Smirnoff Ice Bellini Sangria (10 servings)
2 cups Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini
2 cups Butterfly Kiss Moscato
Fruit for garnish: peaches, cherries, raspberries