International Beauty – Amarte Skin Care, from Korea With Love


IN THE COURSE OF MY JOB AS A BEAUTY BLOGGER, all sorts of amazing products come across my desk. Lately many of the products I’ve been trying out hail from countries around the world, each with their own aesthetic and approach to beauty products. Through this trial and error process, I’ve discovered that the Korean beauty industry takes their skincare VERY seriously. Truly unique masks, serums and cleansers are coming from The Land of the Morning Calm, and the main goal is to create flawless, blemish free, moisturized, glowing skin. That’s a goal beauty lovers around the world can stand behind!

One of my new favorite beauty brands from Korea is Amarté Skin Care. The product line began in a Korean dermatology clinic in 1994, from a staff member’s desire to create products that addressed patient concerns. Amarté was founded in Korea in 2001, and their products are beginning to get major stateside buzz. Amarté is known for their BB creams and gentle cleansers and moisturizers. One of their best selling products is Wonder Cream, which aims to lighten sun spots and “lovingly exfoliate for a supple, translucent complexion.”

Amarté Exfolipowder might be one of my favorite skincare discoveries of late – it’s like powdered laundry detergent for your face. All you do is wet your hands and wet your face, and work a little Exfolipowder into a lather in the palms of your hands. Wash your face and feel the smooth, clean perfection left behind. Plus, it’s so brilliant for travel! Visit and thank me later!

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