Is Nicolas Ghesquière Leading the Way to Inter-seasonality at Louis Vuitton?


There is heavy speculation that Nicolas Ghesquière will take the helm at Louis Vuitton following Marc Jacobs' departure from the French fashion house during Paris Fashion Week with swan song after 16 years.

What a difference a year makes for Ghesquière. He was fired from Balenciaga last November, for what he counts as, um, “artistic differences” to put it nicely, and now is entangled in a lawsuit with his former employer.

Rumors begin swirling earlier this year when talks of Jacobs’ contract with LVMH not being renewed began. Ghesquière added fuel to the fire saying he had “interesting projects on the horizon.”

If the Louis Vuitton rumors are true, would he ever.

While the latest reports lead to Ghesquière moving into the role, LVMH has “officially” denied the appointment saying no decision has been made.

Ghesquière also expressed an interest in breaking all of fashion’s rules. “Now is my time to question inter-seasonality—it’s always the opposite season somewhere in the world—and fashion’s need to be global while respecting the environment and local cultures and of course the usual six-month cycle for collections,” he told Berlin-based culture magazine, 032C. “I may decide to fulfill that mission again, and I’ll always enjoy it as I always have. Another part of me absolutely wants to break those rules.”

Louis Vuitton was often at the forefront of what was interesting in fashion when it came to their runway shows, and now, the brand is exploring hyper-luxury. Should inter-seasonality be added to that list?

Either way, we'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest.