Is Vera Wang Heading to the Silver Screen?


Vera Wang has taken on the world of fashion, beauty, and home decor, including mattresses! But she's not done yet.

Wang recently told reporters that she's contemplating a move into filmmaking: “I'd love to make a short film. There are many things on my mind right now, like the inside of dressmaking and what it takes to make it and what the experience really is like,” she told USA Today. “When I do a fashion show, I always tell a story. I have no other way to negotiate the wide world of fashion. I always have a plot line.”

But the bridal authority might stick to shorts though when it comes to her silver screen aspiration. “I'm not so ambitious to say I'd make a full feature film” she said. “There's a desire to express more. Tom Ford made a real film [A Single Man]. The worlds of Hollywood and fashion intersect.”

Really, what can this woman not do? If her track record is anything to go off of, we're confident that Wang will thrive in this new artistic endeavor or any other she may choose!