Isabel and Ruben Toledo Spread the Love with MAC


The dynamic design duo is at it again! Isabel and Ruben Toledo have another collaboration on the horizon, this time with MAC.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the collection will boast 45 products to ensure your date night look is on point. Available starting February 5, you’ll find a pumped up palette that includes shadows in shades of soft lilacs, neutral browns, true blues, and even a bit of lime in the mix, as well as nail polishes. But the focal point is the lips: lipsticks and matching glosses of rich reds in varying textures, allowing you to layer the look. “You’re putting on the same coloration, but a different texture of it, which is very close to fashion, to clothing,” Isabel told “You could choose to do matte [lipstick] on the bottom and shine on the top. It’s almost like how you put fabrics together.”

While Isabel curated the colors of the collection, her husband Ruben designed the packaging to feature faces modeled after his wife, including her signature, rogued pout. “Who else?” Ruben joked. “It’s the face I draw again and again and always. It’s just in the flow of my hand, Isabel’s face.”

We guess the couple that designs together stays together!