J.Crew Clarifies What “Friendlier” Prices Mean


Wait, don’t pull out your credit card just yet, J.Crew lovers.

Despite the fact that Women’s Wear Daily made our wallets (and hey, closets) rejoice with the news that J.Crew would be lowering prices, there seems to be some confusion.

“For spring, you’ll see our prices much more friendlier this year,” Mickey Drexler said during an inauguration of the New School’s university center in Manhattan. “We can’t compete with designers. Our Madison Avenue and 66th Street Collection store does an enormous amount of business.”

“Friendlier” doesn’t exactly translate to lower.

“We are simply maintaining a balance of pricing across the board and better communicating to our customers what we have and why it is worth the price it is,” a J.Crew spokesperson told British Vogue. “Emphasis for us is always on the quality and design at best possible price.”

Sigh. That won’t stop us for reaching for our credit cards when it comes to J.Crew, sadly—or any of you who drank the crew-lade.