Jason Wu Loves Barbie, Too



Plastic is always fantastic when it comes to Barbie, and while she has a legion of fans across generations, none are on the same level as Jason Wu.

Though he’s now one of Michelle Obama’s go-to designers as well as the new artistic director of Hugo Boss, Wu got his start styling the much smaller fashionista with a collection that boasted over 150 dolls! And it wasn’t just the clothes he took to either, he took beauty into account as well. “I remade Barbie clothes. I would buy Barbies and take them apart and then remake their looks,” he told Interview. “I used them for hairstyling. It was a whole process. I had a lot of dolls—like 150.”

Wu admitted that would spend top dollar to dress Barbie in nothing but the best, putting the sewing skills he learned from a fashion student when he was in elementary school to the test. “My mom would give me, like, $200, which was a lot of money, and I'd go downtown to the fabric store and buy a little piece of the expensive fabric that was in the glass case—of course. [All] you could buy was like a half-quarter yard. But I would take that and draft patterns to make clothes for the dolls,” he explained.

He’s not the only one who adores the now former Malibu mainstay. Trina Turk recently partnered with the moppet on a beach-ready collection while Stephen Burrows, Bob Mackie, Tim Gunn, and even The Blonds have dressed the iconic doll. With all of his previous experience with Barbie, we're crossing our fingers for an official Wu/Barbie partnership.