Jay Manuel Beauty Rocks the NYFW Runway


Jay Manuel is out to empower the modern makeup maven with his own eponymous color cosmetics line. The new beauty buys made their runway debut today for Bibhu Mohapatra's artist and muse-inspired Fall 2015 collection, adding vibrant, yet moody splash of colors to the ensembles. As Manuel touched on the finer points of the makeup look for the show, Glam had to get the details on what beauty buffs can expect to see when the line hits HSN on March 26th.

We were so excited about your new beauty line. What sparked the idea of partnering with HSN for its exclusive debut?

I wanted to do the exclusive with HSN because when i started with this whole line, it was bringing new technology to America. I was going back and forth between Italy and Korea. For instance, The Skin Perfector Foundations have micronized silk in it; the shadows have crushed gemstones and diamond dust in them — there's no pearl, no shimmer in it.

It's one thing to be in stores, but I wanted to being that technology to the US,and there was no better place than HSN to really get that kind of reach for all women because there's no age restriction with the line. People ask, “What age category are you looking at?” And I say, “No.” It's a place where every woman can start her makeup day with the Skin Perfecting Foundation of the one of the Luxe Powders before you get into your color products. The rest of the line is based on three styles: iconic, classic, and avant garde and from working with so many women and doing their makeup over the years, I realized women instinctively put themselves in one of those three categories because there is no other category! And I'm coming back to this idea of self-sourcing your style no crowd sourcing. You don't need to take a picture on Instagram and ask, “This lipstick or this lipstick?” Because if you know you're classic or avant garde or iconic, we've already done that work for you in terms of the color groups and categories; everything is built for you. I'm putting you back in the driver's seat.

What's the one item from the line that every beauty buff has to try first?

It's hard when they're all your babies, but I will say every woman should start her day with the Filter Finish Collection, which is the core of the brand. So for instance, today on the models we're using the Skin Perfector Foundations. This is a one-stop shop because the micronized silk in it obscures fine lines, pores, and goes on with a silicone base. When we were doing shoots a couple of months ago, [the makeup artists] were trying to take the lab samples. All the artists are using them because even though it's a consumer product it has the makeup artist's approval. It's easy to use, and it really gives you that filter finish canvas, so whether you're doing color or just mascara and lip gloss on the go, you need to start with your Filter Finish Skin Perfector Foundation.

It's been an incredibly hectic week, what do you keep in your NYFW survival kit?

Power Bars; someone asked me to open my bag, and I think I dumped half a box of bars in there. I'm one of those people if I don't eat, I don't angry, I don't get hungry, I get hangry. I'm that combination, so I need Power Bars for sure. I know it's supposed to be cold, but in the tents it's blazingly hot, so I need makeup blots because my skin is super oily so I have to walk around with blots. And finally just water to stay hydrated.

Images courtesy of Jay Manuel's Instagram.