Jennifer Aniston Is Back to Longer Locks


Jennifer Aniston may have undergone the big chop just a few months ago, but it already looks like she’s back to her signature strands.

The star was spotted leaving a Los Angeles restaurant on Friday night with longer locks and a few waves thrown in as pieces of flair. She has never been one to stray too far from the familiar when it comes to her hair, as the last time she sported a cropped coif was back in 2001, which she quickly grew out.

Aniston admitted that she had initially cut her hair to get rid of the damage of a Brazilian hair straightening treatment that went wrong. She also revealed that every time she cuts her hair, she immediately wants it back, so it’s no surprise she let it grow out.

Though the look was once again short lived, we hope it won’t take her another decade to try out a new ‘do!