Jennifer Aniston Nabs a Wintour Wig


It might not be as severe as Anna Wintour's bob, but Jennifer Aniston’s new ‘do cuts it pretty close.

The hair heroine was spotted on the set of Squirrels to the Nuts with the new hairstyle (which unfortunately is a wig). Compared to her long, sun kissed strands, the faux long bob makes her look completely different thanks to mousey hue, wispy ends, and eyebrow-length bangs. She recently sported a wig for her role in We’re the Millers, and loved the experience. “I have to say it’s so nice to wear a wig, it’s like putting a hat on. Your hair time in the morning is so easy,” she told People.

Back in May, Aniston admitted to Glam that she’d be open to trying out the Vogue editrix’s signature style for a film. Her new role in the upcoming comedy seems to be the perfect avenue to test the look before committing to a cut.