Jonathan Cheban Dishes on His Secrets to the Perfect Selfie


As Kim Kardashian's BFF, Jonathan Cheban has a wealth of experience when it comes to taking selfies and using iPhones as mirrors. In between traveling the world with the Kardashian family and launching his newest site, The Dishh, Cheban is working on a new venture, taking advantage of that knowledge gleaned from his girls. Cheban's latest must-have is the Glam Screen – an HD Mirror screen protector and the selfie ring. Both are products that make achieving the perfect Instagram shot that much easier, but the Glam Screen is an essential for everyone. With this screen protector, gone are the days of searching for a mirror – simply use the iPhone that's always in your hand for a mirror that's always with you. We sat down with Cheban to talk about why everyone needs a Glam Screen on their phone and his secrets to the best selfie ever.

What brought on the idea of Glam Screen?

I basically thought there was a huge void in the phone accessory market. I go to the mall all the time and there’s always phone accessory places. It’s the easy thing to browse. Everything was just very hardcore – lightening bolt, rough tough army grade camouflage and I was like there’s a whole void. These girls want fun stuff.

What makes this product different?

It’s like HD film so it’s like crystal clear. When you turn it on it makes the screen even clearer to read. 

Which of your celebrity friends are absolutely obsessed with this?

I have pictures of everybody – I make them hold it so you actually like see their faces. Everyone has the same reaction: “Oh my god, I love this; this is great. I don’t need to look in the mirror anymore!” It’s so funny I knew what you were going to say before you said it because there’s no one that doesn’t say the exact same thing.

What are your tips for taking great selfies?

Lighting is really important. I do have a special tip which I’m going to debut on my site. I just taught Kim about this tip and it’s awesome. You will take the best selfie with it.

1. It’s all in the angle. Hold the camera above your eye level, angle it down, and turn your face slightly to enhance your best side. Bonus: no chin or neck sagging, real or otherwise!

2. Take the selfie in Instagram. Other apps and camera phones flip your photo so that the picture is opposite of how you see it. Instagram’s ‘right side up’ is usually more flattering, not to mention a better reproduction of what you look like to yourself.

3. Don't use a flash – it overexposes the photo. Natural light creates a softer look. Work with the filters to enhance the lighting – and if you want to get edgy, try black and white. (Here’s looking at you, Lisbeth Salander!)

4. Forget close-ups. If you have long arms, use them to hold the camera at length to capture a distance between the camera and your face. If you don’t, invest in a selfie ring to help stabilize shaking.

5. Look behind you. The wrong background can spoil your selfie – either because it’s ugly, embarrassing, or makes it look like you’ve got trees growing out of your head. Remember: you are (partially) your surroundings. Ignore them at your peril.