Josie Maran Launches the First Self-Tanning Body Wash


From the multi-step process to the many stories of mishaps, self-tanning can be an annoying and arduous process. But Josie Maran is making the look as simple as stepping into your shower.

The skin care savant debuted her newest innovation, the Argan Glow Self Tanning Body Wash, on QVC this morning to delight and puzzlement. Will this stain my shower? How does it stick? Easy – the two in one body wash hydrates skin and and leaves it with a gorgeous glow care of an added dose of natural DHA, which is found in most self-tanners already.

Once your hair is washed, step out of the shower to apply the foam–one pump per body part–using the included applicator in a circular motion, and wait for 30 seconds before rinsing your body thoroughly. Just be sure to pat you skin dry with a towel so you don’t scrub off the tanner, and boom, you’re one bronzed babe!

Snap one of these up fast so you can shower your way to surf-ready skin by Memorial Day!