Karen Walker Leaves It To The Kiddies


New Zealand based designer Karen Walker is an expert in creative advertising, having shown her famous frames on everything from brooms and balloons to models with pearly white vampire teeth or crazy bug antennas on their heads. When it comes to her campaigns, nothing proves too quirky, too modern, too out there, and the result is always perfection.

Earlier this year, Walker popped her sunglasses on some stylish senior citizen ladies, who flaunted the frames with glamorous and classic appeal. To showcase the second half of her 2013 collection, she went in the opposite direction with her choice of models, rounding up some brilliant babes ages 3-5 to work the camera.

“They were so professional. And they just came in and did the job, and they were lovely to have around. It was a real pleasure,” Walker told Style.com about the shoot with photographer Derek Henderson, which resulted in four-and-a-half thousand shots. “You’ve got to let kids do what they want to do and just be there to capture it. We just wanted them to be themselves.” When asked why she didn't use her who own 5-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Valentina, for the campaign, Walker joked about her self admitted “inspiration,” “…it’s because she’s completely uncontrollable!”

Walker’s new sunglasses, which include cat-eye, rectangular, oversized oval, and round frames, will hit stores on September 5th.