Kate Moss Gets Punk’d


Kate Moss may shy away from interviews, but it turns out she’s a really good sport about prank calls. Her friend, radio DJ Nick Grimshaw, called her live on his show on BBC Radio One and dared to put the supermodel to a test. He was playing a game, Call or Delete, with guest, comedian Keith Lemon, where you have to pick a number from your phonebook and either dial it on air or delete it.

Grimshaw chose to dial it and Lemon suggested he ask her about a High School Musical DVD. Moss answered the phone, “Hello darling,” and went on to explain why she hadn’t contacted him in a while, “I love you, I’ve been away. I was in Hong Kong and now I’m in Turkey. It’s gorgeous, you’ve got to come, it’s amazing.

When Grim asked the model if she has his High School Musical DVD, Moss answered, “Oh God, I dunno, did I have it? I can have a look, when do you need it for?” she asked him. “That’s such a random request, you’re such a weirdo! When did you give it to me? That’s so funny! I have no idea. They must have it in a shop.”

Moss hung up laughing when she couldn’t take the conversation anymore.

See she was a good sport! You can listen to the conversation yourself below.