Katie Holmes Is Olay’s First Global Face


Katie Holmes is heading back to the beauty counter as the first global brand ambassador for Olay.

The Giver actress will be the face of the brand’s Regenerist range of skincare essentials and star in the brand’s Your Best Beautiful campaign, which encourages women to “never settle and be their best beautiful in their lives and in their skin.” She also joins the ranks of former faces like Carrie Underwood and Thandie Newton, who repped the brand in their respective countries, but never on a global scale.“Olay is a brand I respect, trust and believe in,” Holmes said in a statement. “I love the products and message to women to never settle and put their best face forward, every day. They really mean something to women. I remember buying Olay in high school because I wanted to look pretty.”

Holmes has become a bit of a groundbreaker in the beauty biz, as Olay marks the third brand she’s pushed into the spotlight. She was the first face for Bobbi Brown in 2013 before becoming co-owner and brand ambassador for Alterna Haircare. Third time’s the charm; congrats, Katie!