Katy Perry Looks to ‘Own the Throne’ With Her New Scent


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It seems Dolce & Gabbana’s majestic influence extended beyond Katy Perry’s Met Gala ensemble! The pop star is slated to crown herself with her newest scent, Killer Queen.

And yes, it was inspired by the lyrics of Queen’s early hit. “Killer Queen has been in my vocabulary since I was 15, because of the song ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen,” Perry told Women’s Wear Daily. “Freddie Mercury painted the lyrics of this woman who I wanted to be. She seemed very powerful, and she captivated a room when she walked in. I feel like, after all this time, it was appropriate to use that name in association with something I did. I feel like I’m falling, finally, into that woman Freddie painted.”

From the packaging to marketing, and down to the juice itself, Perry aimed for an edgy spin on royalty, minus exclusivity, thus her tagline is “Own the throne.” With notes of wild berry, dark plum, and bergamot on top; red velvet flower, natural jasmine sambac, and rainbow plumeria at the heart; and cashmeran, natural patchouli heart, and liquid praline to round things out provides both a bit of confection and ambiguity á la Jay-Z favorite Tom Ford or Thierry Mugler. “I want this particular perfume to highlight the power that’s already inside of you,” she said about the juice.

The bottle, modeled after a queen’s scepter, sits like gigantic ruby on its side topped with Perry's own personalized crest (in case you wondered where her signature kitties scampered off to). “One thing I was really inspired by was Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fragrances, time after time after time. [He] always did something that made me want to keep the bottle as a keepsake afterwards. I felt cool if I had one on a shelf in my room, even if there was no juice left in it. That inspired me. There isn’t any point for me to put out something that doesn’t stand out — because that is so not like me.”

Watch the throne as the scent hits shelves in August for $20-$59.99