Katy Perry Owns The Throne In Her ‘Killer’ Commercial


Whether or not Queen Bey is okay with it, Katy Perry is stealing the throne – at least in the campaign for her new fragrance, Killer Queen.

With a striking break from her cutesy kitty-themed image, the pop star taps into her more serious side as she attempts to reinvent herself. In the video, she’s all laced up with a wig on top (and a lot of powder) when she gets a spritz of the new fragrance. The scent sends her into a frenzy wherein she slashes her skirt and throws off her wig to reveal a stunning silken wave of jet black hair. The freed Queen saunters through the palace to find her throne, which she knocks to the floor and sits on sideways while holding a perfume-topped scepter. And there’s a tilted crown atop her head, to boot.

In the world of the Killer Queen, at least, Perry shows us that she’s the one who “owns the throne.”