Kendall and Kylie Jenner Get Ready With Gillette

In 2010 celebpreneur Kim Kardashian told Allurethat her body was virtually hairless. Surely, this denotes a pricey — maybe painful — routine of waxing and laser treatments to acquire adult skin. Luckily, teen Kardashian fans can turn to her little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The two are the stars of the silky smooth Gillette Venus “Getting Ready” websiodes that chronicle the duo's various beauty and fashion routines that keep them looking good and feeling great. We were able to correspond with the girls and got their must-haves and must-do's for a confident, camera-ready look.

Aside from being reality TV stars, budding models, and authors, you two are now ambassadors for Gillette Venus and creative directors for their “Getting Ready With Kendall & Kylie” web series. How is it working with the brand?
We're really excited to be working with Venus! We’ve been using their razors ever since we started shaving. And because we love to wear skirts and dresses, shaving is an important part of our beauty routine. We wanted to bring our shaving, beauty, and fashion tips to girls looking for advice, so we worked with Venus to create the “Getting Ready with Kendall & Kylie” video series. We had a blast filming and showing everyone how we get ready! The first few videos are currently up on the Venus Facebook page and we’re excited for others to come out later this summer.

Teen girls and hair removal can be a touchy subject. What advice would you have for girls who are shaving at this age?
Don't be afraid to ask for help. We both wish we had gone to our mom and sisters sooner so that they could show us their tips. We like the Venus Embrace, because it has shaving tips and gives us a really close shave, and we always use it with Satin Care Passionista Fruit shave gel for a smooth shave and smooth skin after.

What's your typical “get ready” process like?
Our typical every day process is pretty simple, especially in the summer time. First we'll shower and shave. After that we style our hair or let it air dry, to take a break from blow drying. Then we start trying on outfits and picking out accessories. Once we're dressed, we do our makeup — just some lip gloss and mascara, maybe eyeliner. If we're getting ready for an event or special occasion then the process gets more involved. Plus we love getting ready with each other and our friends, so we'll play some music and dance around.

What do you do when you have to get ready in a hurry?
If we're getting ready in a rush, we'll take some shortcuts so we'll throw our hair up in a bun or do a quick braid instead of blow drying or curling it. We won't spend as much time picking out accessories, and we'll do our makeup on the go.

In your first video, you gave us a run down of your summer essentials. What about your year round essentials?
Lip gloss, moisturizers, and mascara are our year round essentials.

Your “Getting Ready” series is also about being feeling your best. What tips do you have for staying confident?
We've found that the best way to stay confident is to try not to be too concerned about what others think. What matters most is how you feel and to surround yourselves with people that will love and support you for who you are!

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Check out their shaving webisode below, and head over to the Gillette Venus YouTube page for the entire series.